DIY Doodle Mug

Hi QT pies <3

Today's DIY is super easy. We're basically just doodling simple shapes on a white mug with black Sharpie! You can draw whatever you want! Make it as simple or complex! All you need is a blank mug + black Sharpie maker. Don't judge - I'm still working on my doodling skills! (lol) 

Directions: Preheat oven to 350. Bake your mug at 350 degrees for 35 minutes and the Sharpie will stay permanent! Easy right? Yay! Hope you make cute things!

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Girl Gang Forever: Sorority Sisters

We recently did a shoot with a super cute girl gang. They're sorority sisters! We shot at their Sorority house, and OMG my Legally Blonde dreams totally came true! I mean come on. I was not the type to be in a sorority, but yes i'd love a tour, thanks. The house is perfect. These chicks knew what they were doing when designing that front porch! It was great lighting and the had the cutest vibes! Check out all of our beind the scenes pics♡

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DIY Modern Pot

Hi Cuties! Here's a super simple + fun craft. 

What you need: 

Terra Cotta Pot

Craft Foam

Craft Glue

Spray paint (any color you want) we used iced gray. b/c I use that for everything and it's my fav color.  

Directions: 1. cut foam into random geometric shapes. // 2. glue foam onto pot - almost like a mosaic! // 3. let the glue dry! // 4. spray paint over the foam. this will take a couple coats from EVERY angle to make sure you get all one color! That's it! How easy was that?!?





 Cute + affordable way to show off your cactus babies!♡

Cute + affordable way to show off your cactus babies!♡