DIY Modern Pot

Hi Cuties! Here is a SIMPLE+FUN craft. 

What you need: 

Terra Cotta Pot

Craft Foam


Spray paint (any color you want) we used iced gray. b/c I use that for everything and its my fav color.  

First, glue foam onto pot in random different geometric shapes. Almost like a mosaic! Let the glue dry! Second spray paint over the foam. This will take a couple coats from EVERY angle to make sure you get all one color! Then you are done! How easy way that?!? 






Winter Inspo

We did it! Happy 2018!

Holidays are over and we love how motivated everyone is feeling. A few of our new years resolutions include: posting more behind the scenes photos and trying to keep our home office organized af!

Clean out your closets! We're working on tons of cute designs for adults and kids, as well as home products and accessories. Because we all need more home decor right? :) 

We still have a few months left of cold weather, so here's some inspo for ya. Follow us on Pinterest for more!